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Keeping up-to-date on technology and understanding. why. a light behaves like it  does is important as a  cinematographer. Often, filmmakers refer to characteristics like "brightness" or "color" to communicate how to light a scene. How much do we really understand these measurements and what they mean? How well do we really understand how light interacts within an environment? Even the most experienced DPs may find that there is still much more to learn. A thorough understanding requires context, research, experimentation, and experience.  Learn with LMR and “Luminaire Comparisons”is an essay written by myself & Local 476 Gaffer, Neil Adamson.  A scientific breakdown of the characteristics of light. The goal of writing "Luminaire Comparisons" was to create a comprehensive guide to understanding how light behaves in order to practically manipulate light more efficiently. Learn with LMR provides history, background, and a breakdown of a light characteristics, distribution, falloff, and color. With the goal of provideing the necessary information and understanding of light to more effectively light a scene, and to give DPs and Gaffers the knowledge needed to bring their vision to fruition.
Find the full "Luminaire Comparison" here: 

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