No Resolution

A Narrative Feature

Technical Specs:

Red One MX

Zeiss Super SPeeds



Maura Kidwell
Layne Manzer

DDP: Camrin Petramale
Gaffer: Seth Oberle
Key Grip: Ian Krinok
1st AC: John Sedivy
Director: Tim Kasher
Producer: Chevy Kozisek


An engaged couple reach the crescendo of their incompatibility on a particularly rocky New Year’s Eve.
Cary, a shiftless, “never was” local musician, struggles with the onset of adulthood, railing against his dull, nine-to-five desk job and impending marriage to his pregnant fiancé, Jean. This resistance culminates on New Year’s Eve as Cary refuses to “settle down” into a pleasant evening at home with Jean, instead, seeking out every opportunity to extend his youth through the debauchery such a night can offer.