Camrin Petramale is a cinematographer born and raised in Chicago, IL. From an early age, he found himself watching movies almost daily, discovering his appreciation for the visual art form. Starting with photography, he honed his knowledge and passion for images, leading him to attend Columbia College Chicago, where he focused his degree in Cinematography.

From there, Camrin became a Steadicam operator for various feature films and commercials working through ad agencies. Operating allowed him to develop a deeper understanding for the art of the Cinematographer. On set, he learned artistic subtleties and invaluable skills from top-tier D.P.s and Directors, which not only grew his knowledge in the art, but also taught him the skill of communication, and how to properly bring his ideas to an audience.

For eight years, Camrin worked behind the camera, building his diversity through a variety of projects. In 2013, Camrin won the Emerging Cinematographers Award from the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600, which cemented him as one of the best up-and-coming cinematographers.

In 2014 alone, Camrin shot three feature films. Each film portrayed vastly different subjects and thematic material, and Camrin used these opportunities to create unique visual styles for each.

When creating images for film, it is Camrin’s utmost belief that a film works best as a collaborative vision. He doesn’t simply strive to make a movie look “flashy”; his camera and lights are tools to connect an audience to a story. Camrin prides himself on investigating all possibilities to create a variation of camera movement and lighting with whatever technology is at his disposal.

Camrin has a distinctive work ethic that combines efficiency with artistry. He has a great ability to motivate and connect with his crew. Throughout the years, Camrin learned that collaboration and understanding were the keys to his on-set and artistic growth. He is always able to add his own unique vision and creativity to each project that he works on.

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